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Master Lab Sheet Mask Snail Mucin

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Our Master Lab Sheet Mask Collection features an ultra thin hydrating sheet mask made of natural cellulose for even and consistent absorption of active ingredients! Each Mask features a customized formula that targets specific skin concerns: Hyaluronic

More Information
Skin Type Normal, Dry, Combination, Aged, Acne Prone
How to Use

1. Apply mask on clean and towel-dried face. 2. Keep mask on face for 20-30 minutes. 3. When time is up, remove mask and gently pat excess essence into face and neck until fully absorbed TIP: For an extra co

Ingredients List

Snail Mucin ? Regenerating and Antiaging
Hyaluronic Acid ? Locks in moisture, boosts elasticity, and visibly plumps fine lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin C ? Brightening
Ceramide ? Moisturizes skin and help to protect the skin?s barrier
Centella Asiatika ? Protects skin and provides a soothing effect.
Collagen ? Supports skin structure and elasticity with skin-firming protein for a youthfully-smooth appearance.
EGF ? A polypeptide (or molecular chain of amino acids) developed to speed wound recovery, EGF stimulates skin growth at the cellular level.
Caviar ? Nutrition and hydration, anti aging

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