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Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow 2-03 Black Brown

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The Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow is a super smooth retractable liner that is designed to create natural yet precise eyebrows for beginners and experts alike.
With its teardrop shaped tip, thin and thick lines are easy to draw with no clump.

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How to Use

Start from the front head of the eyebrow and use the wide part of the pencil then draw softly towards the eyebrow arch.
Use the narrow part from the arch towards the end of the eyebrow.

Ingredients List

Black iron oxide, hydro Geneva itty teukong oil, hydro Geneva itty bit coco glycerides, polyethylene, candelilla wax, Jinx Te rate, hydro-suited jeneyi vegetable oil, mica, poly glyceryl stearate -2 triisostearate, coconut oil hydro-suited jeneyi , tocopheryl acetate

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