Every time new year comes, we would always have this mandatory new year’s resolution. When in fact, it is something inevitable to have an endless list in mind, what we want to change, improve and start anew. It is very inspiring at the start of the year we plan how we would be spending our year ahead to have better outlook, positive outcome on things and how we could further improve our routine.

Happy new you. It’s time to revamp your skin care routine and Vital Vita 12 Ampoule series will make it happen. First, what are ampoules? How is it essential to add it on your skin care routine? What does it actually do to address specific conditions.

Vital Vita

Ampoules are advanced serum. It has higher concentration of the active ingredients that will address and treat specific skin condition. It usually comes in a 30-50 ml bottle with a dropper to ensure controlled dispensing of the product. Since ampoules are highly concentrated only small amount is needed for the whole face. Probably 2-4 drops is enough. It is quite similar with serum. The order of application is after toner and before emulsion or moisturizing cream. For easier application. It can also be mixed with your moisturizer. Mixing it with your base make up (cc cream, bb, cream or foundation ) is another way to enjoy the benefits of ampoules. Adding it to your skincare would aid in boosting your skin and will effectively treat skin conditions that are bothersome.

Skin Care Steps

Facial Wash






Emulsion/Moisturizing Cream


What is the best ampoule for you

Moisture Intensive moisturizing treatment ampoule for moisture and healthy radiance. Ingredients derived from nature give the skin vitality while protecting it from external harmful things.

Skin Condition: Dry Flaky skin, rough dry patches, skin feels tight
Synergy Intensive synergy treatment ampoule to provide bright, firm and radiant skin. :It is excellent at brightening complexion and improving wrinkles thanks to the Niacinamide, Adenosine

Skin Condition: Wants to have clear skin from blemishes, dull skin, uneven skin tone, visible fine lines/ wrinkles
Calming Intensive calming treatment ampoule to soothe irritated skin. Contains Madecassoside which soothes skin and present deep moisture so that it turns dull skin healthy.

Skin Condition: acne prone skin, reddish and irritated skin, skin that has blemishes
Firming Intensive firming treatment ampoule to provide deep nourishment to lifeless skin. Improves skin elasticity, keeps the complexion clear, refined, and well-balanced.

Skin Condition: dull skin, lacks glow and lifeless skin.
Brightening Intensive Brightening for vitalized Bright Skin. Pink Vitamin12(Cyanocobalamin) brighten your skin with elasticity.

Skin Condition: dull skin, lacks glow and lifeless skin.

Combination of Ampoules

1When you look dry and pale
Moisturize Ampoule + Brightening Ampoule
2When you look like you have dull skin with less elasticity
Synergy Ampoule + Firming Ampoule
3When you receive stimulation from the outside environment
Moisturize Ampoule + Calming Ampoule