Intensive care for our skin means added routine and effort. But like I always say, achieving good skin takes a lot of patience. It is not something that you can achieve overnight and get in an instant. It involves patience and determination. The most essential part of skincare is the cleansing part. Skin care products varies from different skin condition and needs.

Deeply cleansing pores involves intensive care since most of these cleansers are drying due to removal of deep seated dirt caused by skin care products and make up. Aftercare should also be observed after cleansing out those pores to carefully tone down pores.

Whiteheads and blackheads are probably the most common skin concern we all have. Regardless of our skin type, we all produce sebum and eventually clog up our pores and become whiteheads and blackheads. Solution? Regularly exfoliate and use peel off mask concentrating on areas that needs extra care.

Tako Pore Sebum Ssok Ssok Peel Off Mask is similar to Nose Strips as it is used to remove blackheads. However, This peeling mask is more useful since it is not limited use on nose area but also for the cheek and chin area that are also commonly whitehead and blackhead prone free area.


Having clean pores helps skin absorb easily nutrients from skin care products that we may apply on our skin.  Meaning skin regeneration is easily achieved and having younger looking skin is no longer a problem.