UV Master

Enjoy the sun. But don’t forget to protect your skin against the severe damages of unprotected sun exposure. Slathering your face and body with sunblock are commonly used only during summer. Most people only think and believe that wearing sunblock are only for times when there’s excessive exposure to sun.

Haven’t you noticed? During summer season, sunblock are being highlighted in stores and promoting it intensively. But I totally disagree with this, as all year round we need to protect our skin from the sun. Sun damage does not differ from the rest of the year. No one is excused or should be exempted. Even for those who stay indoors often. The indoor lighting could cause the same damaging effects of the sun. That is why, sunblock is indeed incorporated in the Korean 10 Skin care steps. It is a must and should not be missed.

What is SPF?

SPF (sun protection factor) is a relative measure of how long a sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet (UV) B rays.

So, the higher the SPF the better your skin is protected from getting sunburned but with only little difference. It will still be sunburned but you will have enough time to re apply again the sunscreen to further protect skin. If for example, if your unprotected skin takes 10 minutes to start reddening, an SPF15 prevents your skin to redden 15 times longer (150 mins.= 2.5 hours)

Protect your skin all year round with Tony Moly’s Sunscreen products to protect and care for your skin anytime and anywhere.

UV Master

UV Master ALL in One Sun (Php 748)

Keep your skin's oil and water balanced and in healthy condition with our UV Master All In One Sun. It has the natural tone-up effect which makes your skin tone bright, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays (SPF 45 PA+++) and dryness. Contains vitamin complex (A, C, E, F), frog lily extract, and moisture soothing complex.

UV Master

UV Master Face and Body Sun Cream (Php1198) Our UV Master Face and Body Sun Cream is ready to effectively and continuously protect your skin from strong and harmful UV rays. It has a highly-effective waterproof function so it cannot be easily washed off by water, sweat, or sebum thereby maintaining its effect for many hours.

UV Master

UV Master Mild Sun Cushion (Php1078)

Our easy to use UV Master Mild Sun Cushion is here to save your skin for the summer! Our Mild Sun Cushion protects your skin from harmful UV rays (SPF 50+++) and makes your skin more radiant and flawless. (For all Skin Types)

Protect and care for your skin.  Never compromise what sun damage can do to your skin.  Prevention is better than cure.  You may not notice immediately the damage it may do to your skin.  Why wait when you could no longer repair the damage.  Sun spots, wrinkles, age spots, melasma and all other sun damaging effects that you can actually prevent when you wear sunblock.