Double Cleansing is a Korean Inspired Skin Care method that is becoming popular nowadays. What is DOUBLE CLEANSING then?  It is a two-step method in removing dirt, impurities and make up to achieve flawless and glowing skin. The initial step is removal of dirt and make up with the use of lip and make up remover.  It is important that a separate cleanser to be used for the eyes and lips since these parts are very sensitive and delicate.  Removal of waterproof eye make up would be effortless.

Pro Clean and Floria

Cleansing oil, cleansing water or cleansing balm are to be used for the face (Floria Nutra Energy Energy Cleansing Oil, Php 848; Pro Clean Soft Cleansing Water, Php598).  This step is essential since the components of these cleansers are specially formulated to easily remove make up and impurities we have accumulated during the day (so even if you don’t wear make up, you’re not excused.)

Double Cleansing Eyes

When Using Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Balm or any oil based make up remover, it is important to apply it directly on dry skin.  It will easily melt make up upon contact with skin.  And then add on water to cleanse away make up.

Upon removal of dirt and make up, the second step of Double Cleansing is the use of water- based facial wash. Most of us start our facial cleansing with this routine. But let me say, it is and was never enough.

Facial wash is for gently cleansing away dirt however there are deep seated dirt and make up residue that cannot be easily melted away by facial wash alone. Notice that even after washing our face and applying toner after, there’s more dirt and make up residue that was not cleansed.

Love your skin!!! The amount of time you prep your skin for skincare and make up in the morning should also be the same amount of time you devote for cleansing. It is NOT an option to double cleanse, it’s a MUST. No matter how tired you may be at the end of the day, keeping your skin healthy should be a priority.