A Beatiful Promise

It’s the time of the year again for glamourous proms and graduation balls . I’m pretty sure all young ladies have prepared for this memorable event since last year. Browsing through chic and stylish gowns that will grace them through the unforgettable night. But what about their gorgeous make up? Good and healthy skin is the key. It’s not yet too late, to make skin healthy and have that tip top skin condition in no time.

1. Cleanse – Removes make up, dirt and impurities.

2. Exfoliate – Deeply cleanses pores , eliminates pore clogging dead skin cells.

3. Tone- Helps tone pores and cleanse away any excess dirt. Prepares the skin for moisturizing.

4. Moisturize – Keeps the skin hydrated.. Brings back the moisture that was lost after deep cleansing. Protects the skin from being dry and dull. For those who have oily skin, it is not an option to skip this step as there are gel type moisturizers that are easily absorbed and keeps the skin from being oily.

5. Mask Sheet – To help bring back Skin’s vitality for fresh, glowy  looking  skin

Now that you’ve done a great job with your skincare, make up would close the deal.  To look flawlessly beautiful on the grand day means a bit of concealing, contouring, pop of color on eyes and cheeks, and a touch of radiant highlighter.

To look fabulous on your much awaited prom, make up does not have to be complicated. Even toned skin with natural skin still showing through, is what you should aim for. TonyMoly got you covered.

A Beatiful Promise